GET **IT TOGETHER is a 6 week program to help you get your eating, sleeping and moving habits in order!  As a new member you are encouraged to join this group as soon as it’s available.  Current members are encouraged to join as well, especially if you feel you need a ‘refresher’.

New members get unlimited membership for the first 2 months (if they are participating in GET **IT TOGETHER 6 week challenge.)
Current members -only $25  as of May 2017 !

What you get:

getittogethertoday-branded-reportcardDaily Report Card to help you with dietary tracking

YOU grade yourself! Don’t worry too much about ounces, macronutrients, carbs, blah, blah, blah. We are looking to start good HABITS. We’ll show you some general portion sizes. Give you some incentive to eat enough of the right foods, get enough sleep, and be good to yourself. Tracking is a good habit.  It helps you be aware.  Picking up a glass of water and drinking many times a day is a good habit.  You get the idea. This report card is designed to make it really easy. You just fill it out and turn it in!

Weekly Emails with recipes and tips

No….we are not master chefs, but we like to eat, and we like our food to taste good. So you should be safe there. Sometimes we have such good stuff to share, you’ll get BONUS emails!  You are welcome.

FB Group for general Q&A and support

We can’t be available 24/7 (I know, right?!?!) and we don’t have all the answers, recipes and encouragement you may need.  Enter Facebook and likeminded friends – when you sign up for GET **IT TOGETHER you will be entered into our private FB group!


EVERYONE wins! All participants will be invited to a GOT **IT TOGETHER (see what we did there?) party with Beth, Owner of Center-Fit  & Jake, Owner of Spark Fitness Culture. We’ll eat and tell jokes and celebrate!

Grand Prize – Gift card! TBA


  • Complete all tracking and turn in 5 days/week minimum for 6 weeks
  • Get your Before & After pictures taken (and release for use)
  • Be awesome! (Yay, you already completed that!)

We have 2 locations: Sandwich, Il and Montgomery, Il

Current GET **IT TOGETHER begins the week of May 8th

REGISTER NOW:  Click where it says “click here”… You can do it.

No, it’s not a scam.  We’re excited to help you get on a great path to a healthy lifestyle!

Click here to get a call/text/email from Beth or Jake